Wednesday, 8 September 2010


it's actually more colourful than this but the scanner was being retarded. I've always wanted to draw my favourite people in the media KANYE AND AMBER together and i DID! I really need to get new colours though :S ANYWAY basically I wanted to really depict more than the lust portrayed here, I wanted to potray good ole' L.O.V.E. I decided to write some Kanye West lyrics such as 'Street Light's' 'Love Lockdown' and 'Homecoming' to really portray this expression of L.O.V.E,

Comments welcome :)


  1. YESSS!!!! u need to switch up scanners i wanna see this in all its glory!

  2. awww gyim's!! you make me smile thankyou!! :) imma try and make the colour vibe more but i have no idea how :S