Tuesday, 26 October 2010

twisted fiction... sick addiction... so gather round children... zip it.. listen.....

I keep thinking about the Phoenix... the Phoenix, what Kanye's thought process was when he created his film ''Runaway''. Whenever I think about I feel something, a raw emotion. Not to get all psycho analyzation on everything but there's a vulnerability in Kanye that I see with the fragility of the phoenix. ''they are birds turned to stone''. This made me think that Kanye is just a human being, like any individual trapped inside a reputation and false accusations. Then again this is just my opinion.


  1. I think the phoenix is a metaphor for life and the creative process.

    The movie contains a lot of esoteric tones.

    The first lines

    "You may think you've peeped the scene,
    you haven't the real one's far too mean,
    the watered down one, the one you know,
    was made up centuries ago"
    wreaks of illusions to the origins of the bible.

    Do some research and you'll find startling information and how and why the components of the bible put together.

    On of the original drawings of the eagle on for the united states emblem largely resembled a phoenix.

    For me this film is very deep in ways I can't even understand yet. The lamb and the fawn definitely mean something.

  2. I totally agree with your point of view.
    I never pictured it in that way before.
    To me, the fact that the open narration states 'the real one's far too mean, the watered down ones the one you know was made up centuries ago' gives a sense of myth becoming a facutal, darker reality.
    But then again the whole film is incredibly deep it's hard to pin-point where Kanye drew all these inspirations from.
    I happen to think the phoenix is simpler than we make it out to be.
    If we over analyse the film, it looses its beauty