Thursday, 18 November 2010

Barbie Doll

No quirky title's, I love Barbie. Barbie is my childhood. With Barbie I was able to escape the drab and dreary world around me. I was also able to express my creativity through Barbie, often creating houses, outfits and hairstyles or them. For me Barbie=Fantasy and for a creative person the ability to think outside the box and fantasize is ESSENTIAL.

I always said that when I'm older I'd start collecting, I already have one but these are a few picks of mine that I found on the site recently that I love. The Blonds (a group of talented designers which I love) recently created their own collectible and it's truly a reflection of their extravagant and sparkly designs. Christian Louboutin also made his own doll recently which really highlights the air of Louboutin, french design and ofcourse the shoe itself.

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