Friday, 5 August 2011


I've adapted a new style of sketching using cross-hatching in pencil and then flooding the background with a burst of colour cross-hatching colour pencils in a youthful blend. I've been meaning to draw Tyler the Creator for a long time, I really enjoy his avant-garde approach to rap and music in general. Indeed he is VERY controversial and often tries too hard to be diffrent, a lady gaga approach if you will. Topics such as rape, drug abuse and mainly religious degradation is pretty disgusting. Sometimes I wish he would just lay-off that because besides that his talent is still fresh! I particularly enjoy his hatred of the word 'hipster' and the hilarious way he mocks it. I HATE THE WORD HIPSTER! People say i'm a hipster for not wanting to be described as one but it's just broad! Everyone is diffrent. Especially when it comes to the ecclectic musical stylings of OFWGKTA. Can't wait for Tyler to change it up as he promised he would always progress rather than sell-out

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